JANICE HOUGH says: So now apparently Ted Cruz is trending because he has a beard. Big deal. How many beards has Lindsey Graham had? … Continue reading

TERRY ETTER says: Trump says that to prevent wildfires people should go out and rake up all the leaves in the forest. So instead of “Drain the Swamp” it’s now “Rake the Leaves.” … Continue reading

WILL the THRILL says: Hunting for comedy…Two bucks clatter into a bar. The first shakes his antlers and says: “I don’t have any doe.” The second snorts and replies: “You’re lucky. I feel like I’m in a rut.” … Continue reading

@MEATBLANKETT says: The candidate that lost to Hof was Democratic educator Lesia Romanov. Apparently Lisa had some stiff competition! … Continue reading

WILL DURST says: Dennis Hof, owner of the Mustang Ranch, won his race for the Nevada legislature even though he was dead. He wasn’t even newly dead. The guy had been dead for a month. Voters had plenty of time … Continue reading

BILL WILLIAMS says: I wonder if thoughts and prayers would be enough had a crazed vegan opened fire at an NRA meeting. … Continue reading