BILL WILLIAMS says: David Hasselhoff of Baywatch fame is the new spokesmodel for Hear dot Com, hearing aids. And it’s a fine product I’m sure…If one doesn’t mind the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor in a thong. … Continue reading

GARY BACHMAN says: The Spice Girls are planning a reunion tour. Wouldn’t say they are getting long in the tooth, but Baby Spice is now Old Spice. … Continue reading

JANICE HOUGH says: So who had to tell Trump that at the National Prayer Breakfast they wouldn’t be praying to him? … Continue reading

TC in BC says: In Korea, KFC doesn’t mean you are getting Chicken. Korean Fried Canine anyone? Don’t go to Colonel Shih Tsu’s Fried Chicken either! And stay away from the Poodle Noodles, Rack of Lab, German Shepherd’s Pie and … Continue reading