Trump and the Giant Peach.

GARY BACHMAN says: Trump White House makes glaring typo, calls for ‘lasting peach’ in the Middle East. Just how this ‘lasting peach’ is to be brought about is a little fuzzy. … Continue reading

Two for the price of one.

TC in BC says: Kim Jong-un’s hair stylist says that a hair style should not considered innovative when it involves a “Comey over” Korean dictionary explanation of “Impeachment”: hair today, gone tomorrow. … Continue reading

Terry Punny!

TERRY ETTER says: CBS has cancelled a bunch of shows. “The Great Indoors” was sent outside. “Limitless” was maxed out. And “Two Broke Girls” were just beyond repair. … Continue reading

#45 and #46.

JANICE HOUGH says: Headlines on new French President Marcon being 39 & his wife 64. Funny, I don’t remember election headlines on US President being 70 & his wife 46. … Continue reading