1. As a senior citizen, I can confirm it’s possible to guess someone’s age by how many non-matching plaids he is wearing at one time. Three or more puts you firmly in “old fart” territory.

  2. i know jeff sessions was going to be let go after the midterms but holy crap. who would’ve thunk it would be THIS SOON after the midterms. not sure how many hours it took, but it didn’t intrude into double digits.

  3. Dennis Hof, owner of the Mustang Ranch, won his race for the Nevada legislature even though he was dead. He wasn’t even newly dead. The guy had been dead for a month. Voters had plenty of time to weigh the options. “Unnnnh, i don’t know: dead pimp. How much harm can he do?”

  4. Because of political correctness Black Friday will be changed to, “The Day After Thanksgiving When Merchants Sell Us Useless Crap At Inflated Prices Day.”

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