1. A naked man was found doing jumping jacks in the women’s restroom at a Tennessee McDonald’s **The guy behind the counter new something was going on when women customers kept ordering, “…nuts and a shake”

    • **Spelled ‘knew’ above as ‘new’ #Rookiemistake

      ***The women customers thought this guy was crazy, but after reviewing the security cam, they realized …He’s ONLY Nuts!

  2. The Georgia police officers who used a coin toss to determine whether they arrested a woman have been fired. ***In making the decision to fire the officers, the police chief drew a higher card from the deck…

  3. Watching the news these days is like being inside a clown tornado and the weather report calls for continuing showers of balloon animals filled with poisonous gas.

  4. Customers are complaining on social media that the quality of Victoria’s Secret bra and panties are definitely slipping. For instance, Kim Kardashian Tweeted she was walking past the White House when a boob suddenly popped out.

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