President Donald Trump walked back yesterday’s walk back from what he sort of said in Helsinki about his good buddy Putin. Hope he’s got a chiropractor on call after going through so many contortions. Not only is his back out of whack but so’s his head.



  1. i didn’t realize it. but this is similar to Terry’s. and his may be funnier. alas.

    It may not be okay to kneel on a football field but it sure looks like the thing to do at Helsinki summits.

  2. A report endorsed by 2,500 scientist from around the world claims a wall between the United States and Mexico would harm vulnerable ecosystems for plants and animals. *HOGWASH! The weeds and rats would be taught a valuable lesson…We are the bosses of them!!!

  3. Rudy Giuliani says the president didn’t obstruct justice, because he did it publicly and wasn’t quiet about it. Hard to believe Donald Trump could do anything quietly. He probably bleeds loud. And it looks like we will get to find out.

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