1. A Forbes report described the work environment at the Papa John’s headquarters as “toxic.” ***How toxic are we talking here? As toxic as one of their Pizza’s or less than that?

  2. A San Antonio couple delivered their baby in the restroom at a Chick-fil-A restaurant ***This is just one time at a chicken joint where licking your fingers is not allowed!

  3. The World’s Largest Aircraft Will Have Luxurious Bedrooms and Glass Floors. The Airlander 10 can house up to 19 passengers on three day expeditions. **A glass floor?? So, the in-flight movie is your life flashing before your eyes

  4. Shocking moment when a female passenger squats and urinates in the galley of a flight from the UK to Poland after being denied using the restroom on a Wizz Air flight. ***Picking the name of your airline has never been more important

  5. The husband of adult film performer Stormy Daniels has filed for divorce in Texas, alleging adultery as grounds for the divorce ***Fans of Stormy: No need to worry… as you already know, she’s got a firm grip on the penal system!

  6. A Massachusetts man has been charged with stretching the spirit of the Planet Fitness “judgement free zone” slogan after allegedly stripping at the front desk of a gym and exercising in the nude. **They got suspicious when he started the downward dog …without actually doing yoga

    **Where does he keep his membership card?

    **Police took him away in fuzzy handcuffs

    **Everyone says this guy was crazy, but after looking at security footage… well… he was JUST nuts!

  7. A woman and the driver of a tow truck sent to pick up her vehicle are both arrested on drunken driving charges
    ***Local police nab two offenders in one stop. Very Impreza!

  8. Video of that British Open fan who records himself getting drilled by errant Tiger Woods shot goes viral **Tho being ‘drilled’ by Tiger is actually pretty common …sorry

  9. Chick-fil-A is granting a Texas couple’s newborn free food for life and a guaranteed job when she’s older after they delivered their baby at a location in San Antonio ***This is a rare time when licking your fingers at a chicken joint just isn’t acceptable

  10. Tourist plunges to death after falling from cliff while taking selfie ***Everytime a narcissist equipped with a digital camera takes a photo of themselves, …then dies… there aren’t any negatives!

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