1. A Fox newscaster has apologized for saying that the Trump-Kim was meeting was the first between “the two dictators.” Actually, he was close. Instead of “tators” he should have said “heads.”

  2. First, Trump “uninvited” the Philadelphia Eagles when it became apparent that very few were going to show up at the White House. Then he got Kim to “agree” to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear program, even though North Korea’s primary test site is no longer usable. Next, he’ll say that it was his idea that Melania have a headache every night.

  3. The Trump administration is using the Bible to justify its policy of separating immigrant parents from their children. Probably the same passage the South cited to defend slavery.

  4. Using kids as hostages is not our policy. The Democrats are responsible. We’re just upholding the law. The Bible says it’s okay. Obama did it. The vast majority are drug mules. Crooked Hillary is to blame. Bill Clinton had an affair. Putin loves me. 911 was an inside job. It’s not my fault. Martial law.

  5. Apparently the conditions at the prison where Paul Manafort is staying these days aren’t the best. There’s crud everywhere. Cockroaches have the run of the place. And it has an overwhelming stench. It’s just like working for Trump.

  6. We’ve becoming anesthetized. We’ve built up a tolerance. “President Donald Trump.” That’s not reality. That’s a Saturday Night Live skit. One of those not very funny SNL skits they slide on after the second appearance of the band.

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