Ex-President George W. Bush attended his nephew’s wedding in Colorado and was seen cutting quite a rug on the dance floor alongside the happy couple. But just like his presidency, when they played Fly Like An Eagle he was doing the Chicken Dance.



  1. Twitter has suggested to all of its users to immediately change their passwords after a bug was discovered in their security. Donny says no need to change his “sign in p/w”, as he never ever logs off his account.

  2. A video captured the triumphant return of New York City’s legendary Pizza Rat dragging a slice of cheese pizza through the Lexington Avenue/59th Street subway station. Fresh from a meeting at the White House, ex-Mayor Giuliani celebrated with a slice of his favorite pie.

  3. Americans really looked forward to the Kentucky Derby this year. Nice to marvel at the accomplishments of three-year olds. Instead of leaders who act like three-year olds.

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