1. A study from Harvard suggests a second ‘Big Bang’ may be what ends the universe. Especially if Chris Christie eats one too many tacos.

  2. Trump takes credit for success of “Roseanne.” I actually agree with the President. “Roseanne” is escapist entertainment that helps us forget about all the problems in the world created by Trump.

  3. An active female shooter was reported at a San Francisco bay area office building Tuesday. That’s the 21st century for you. In my day an active female shooter was a dame at the craps table who never threw snake eyes.

  4. So depressing that our President speaks with foreign leaders and the other guys are more eloquent in English as a 2nd language. He may have “the best words” but those foreigners have “bester” ones.

  5. China is retaliating with tariffs on US imports after the US retaliated with more tariffs on Chinese imports after China retaliated with tariffs on US imports after the US put tariffs on Chinese aluminum and steel for China stealing US intellectual goods. There haven’t been this many re’s in the White House since Monica Lewinsky re-buttoned her famous dress.

  6. Trump has fired more than a dozen high-level administration employees in the first 14 months since he took over. And you thought George Steinbrenner was tough to work for.

  7. Donald Trump bucked tradition by not throwing out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals home opener. Pretty sure he would have jumped at the chance to throw out the First Amendment.

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