A recent study at the University of Missouri says that the veggies we eat are actually able to hear themselves being eaten—especially lettuce. So this begs the question, what did the head of lettuce say to the ear of corn? We’re safe for another night, he’s eating Doritos.



  1. Donny wants $1.6 B to build that wall. A “pole” used in Pole Vaulting costs 32 pesos, which is ~US $1.70. And rapists, drug dealers, criminals and NOT Mexico’s best could easily afford that.

  2. 75 year- old Joe Biden said he would beat the hell out of 71 year- old Donald Trump. Trump responded that Biden would go down crying. Talk’s cheap. Let’s pay- per- view this. Loser retires.

  3. First of all, let me say that your hair looks great tonite. I miss having hair. It’s like your head betrays you by turning into a shining beacon of uncoolness.

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