• Stormy doesn’t have to return money cause Trumty Dumpty never signed the Non Disclosure Agreement.

      Related story: In 1964, I signed a contract with the SF Giants (Mays, McCovey, Cepeda, Marichal et al) to play any position the Alou’s were playing for $1.4 M per season. Only prob was… The Giants NEVER SIGNED!!!! grrrrrrrrr

  1. Katy Perry wants to buy an ex-nunnery in Hollywood and live in it. The catholic church is reluctant to sell because she’s a fast-living rock star. Katy assured the church not to worry. Since she doesn’t have a boy friend, it will still be a “none-ery.”

  2. A detailed report in a scientific journal says the young southern white rhinos of Africa deploy four different vocalizations. We have them here in America, and they have special vocalizations too. USA! USA! USA! Drop ‘Ur Top! Drop ‘Ur Top! Drop ‘Ur Top. Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! And since the Winter Olympics, Yuuup…Sweep It! Sweep It! Sweep It!

  3. Houston Astros visited President Trump at the White House. He congratulated the World Champs but said he would have won Game 7 with a pinch hit homerun without even using a bat.

  4. Turns out bananas are loaded with potassium which helps curb depression. Come to think of it, how many monkeys do you ever hear about blowing their brains out?

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