Kiss frontman Gene Simmons has been banned for life from Fox News. And it’s not for his stance on women or anything political like that. It’s because Rupert Murdoch has tongue envy.



  1. President Trump pardoned the White House turkey Tuesday, and it was tough for him. He had to decide between a pardon or a ban because he claimed it was a transgender turkey. Both giblets AND breasts.

  2. Got to love the sight of a two- ton bag of hot air floating down Broadway. It either means Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or Rush Limbaugh is taking a stroll in the theater district.

  3. OJ Simpson was forced to leave a Las Vegas casino where he was drunk and disorderly. Hotel security didn’t exactly play the race card. They played the Indy 500 Pit Stop Card … Threw some new Bruno Magli’s on and shoved him out in 14.3 seconds.

  4. Now that Charlie Rose has been fired, there’s an opening on CBS’s morning show for a creepy looking old guy. Clint Eastwood is available.

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