1. President Trump pardoned the White House turkey Tuesday, and it was tough for him. He had to decide between a pardon or a ban because he claimed it was a transgender turkey. Both giblets AND breasts.

  2. Got to love the sight of a two- ton bag of hot air floating down Broadway. It either means Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or Rush Limbaugh is taking a stroll in the theater district.

  3. OJ Simpson was forced to leave a Las Vegas casino where he was drunk and disorderly. Hotel security didn’t exactly play the race card. They played the Indy 500 Pit Stop Card … Threw some new Bruno Magli’s on and shoved him out in 14.3 seconds.

  4. Now that Charlie Rose has been fired, there’s an opening on CBS’s morning show for a creepy looking old guy. Clint Eastwood is available.

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