1. Trump says his government will not accept or allow transgender people to serve in the U.S. military. So if you’ve got a gun, and are the son of a gun, and want to have some fun with a gun, run, as fast as you can to the nearest recruiter. But not like a girl.

  2. You can buy a spray that mimics the new-car smell. With the average price of automobiles around $35,000+ and my wife eyeing a shiny Porsche for twice that, I plan to offer her some aroma therapy.

  3. New White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci said Steve Bannon was trying to suck his own cock. What’s the big deal. If men had one less rib, they wouldn’t just try it, they’d never leave the house.

  4. My daughter says her boyfriends are easily bored and don’t live life with much gusto. Apparently a good meh is hard to find.

  5. Corey Lewandowski says the new WH Chief of Staff should let Trump be Trump. But first he might want to find a nice cool spot in the West Wing basement for the swelling pile of bodies.

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