WILL the THRILL says:

I’m excited about buying a Tesla Model 3 in the semi-near future. Not too sure how we’ll afford it, but hopefully we can charge it.



  1. So Michael Vick will be inducted into Virginia Tech’s sports hall of fame nearly 20 years after his playing days were over at the school. Getting him in must’ve been a real dogfight.

  2. Trump is 12. And not a “lived in the woods and shot and skinned his own food” 12. More of a “rich spoiled brat who fired his driver for laughing at his haircut” 12.

  3. Former President Obama is back in town speaking at a Democratic fundraiser. Not much has changed since he left, except the White House is now so transparent the first lady has started wearing lead bra and panties.

  4. A campaign committee has filed with the Federal Election Commission to draft Baywatch star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for president. This may not be pleasant news for many people … Because come 2020 they plan to toss his Speedo into the ring.

  5. I’m trying to kickstart my celebrity status with a unique, signature “look” ala Michael Jackson. Next week I plan to start wearing just one sparkly sock.

  6. First- no collusion. Nobody colluded. Then, just a little collusion. Now it turns out, collusion- not such a bad thing. Everybody does it. Next, collusion will be mandatory.

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