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  1. The reason Donny John won’t throw out first pitch at Nationals home opener is because neither hand is big enough to grip the ball. He’d have to throw two- handed or use a t- shirt gun.

  2. Okay. You got us. But now its time to reveal the most elaborate April Fool’s prank in history. We knew all along Trump couldn’t really be President. Please? Somebody? Anybody? Buehler?

  3. I’ve been thinking, what happened to Bruce Jenner’s identity? I mean, what if he had outstanding parking tickets? Does Caitlyn have to pay them or do they just fade away? And if he had parking tickets, did he do the change just to get out of paying them?

  4. Ignoring a 107-year old tradition the White House announced Trump will not throw out the first pitch on opening day of baseball season. Said he had a scheduling conflict. Phooey! He just doesn’t want to touch leather that isn’t Gucci.

  5. Japan gives female workers two days menstrual leave a month. We’d do that here, but what fun would it be for the girls if they couldn’t come to the office and bitch at us guys.

  6. Today, President Donald Trump announced this coming month as Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Can’t wait for his proclamation next month that May is Press Freedom Month.

  7. Beginning April 3 Starbucks president and chief operating officer, Kevin Johnson, will officially become the company’s CEO. The job comes with a lot of “perks.”

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