JERRY W says:

The Pope had to make an unplanned rest room stop while touring Milan, Italy. The news media was camped outside of his portapotty with their cameras at the ready while the world waited and wondered if the announcement cloud color from the Portapotty vent would be brown or yellow, and thereby signify the results of the stop?


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  1. Donald Trump declined Nationals invitation to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day. I can understand his reluctance after the results of his pitch for health care reform.

  2. An Alaska boy’s smelly sneakers earned him the Golden Sneaker award at the Odor-Eaters 42nd National Rotten Sneaker Contest in New York City. Ignoring the traditional gym bag he stuffed his sneakers into a box with the stinkiest things ever in the world: Six-month old campaign promises.

  3. This is the last season of Duck Dynasty. And for all you who hated the show and are glad … Think of all those innocent beard bugs put out of work.

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