Can you believe it? Sweden!


Sweden has renewed the military draft because there weren’t enough people volunteering. And in the event of attack from a hostile government, recruits will be trained in the latest anti-Twitter warfare.


Can you believe it? Sweden! — 10 Comments

  1. Today Donald Trump had a phone conversation with Kim Jong-Un.
    Kim Jong-Un: “We plan to launch a nuclear missile that will reach California.”
    Trump: “How can we help you make that happen?”

  2. British Condoms say the i.Con is the world’s first smart condom. It measures the size and temperature of the male organ, the number and frequency of thrusts, and the number of different positions employed during a session. Big deal! We already have one of those in the U.S., and ours even writes songs. It’s called Taylor Swift.

  3. The Donald claims President Obama wiretapped his campaign phones. Well, the proof’s not in yet on that. But if you had listened carefully at the White House in December there was plenty of giggling as Barack and Michelle short-sheeted the Lincoln Bed, put whoopee cushions in the Oval Office and Saran Wrapped the presidential john.

  4. During Oscar week a nude statue of Kanye West graced Hollywood Boulevard. It didn’t take long till someone threw a diaper over his private parts. But it was still offensive. His mouth showed.

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