Mitch McConnell? — 13 Comments

  1. Donald’s tribute to CPO William Ryan Owens was such a “Yuge” contrast to any he’s ever given to Capt Humayun Khan. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard DJ Dumpkoff even mentioning the latter’s name – EVER! Sad.

  2. Starbucks has announced it will open stores in Italy. They will try to infiltrate the home of Espresso and Cappuccino. Is this like Panda Express expanding to China and Taiwan?

  3. Precedent DJ Dumbkoff is tweeting w/o “Spellcheck” again. He sent “I hear by demand a second investigation…”. Dumbkoff then korrects himself by re-tweetwing ‘hear by’. Everywon knows that the korrect spelling is ‘heerbye’. DUH.

    I kan spell better than Dawnald and I am an immygrent. Sad!

  4. No, no, no. We all misunderstood. Donald Trump is a child of the 60’s and meant to say “Don’t you get it Daddy- O? Barack Obama is this huge poseur and is heavy- duty bugging me, man.”

  5. Sweden has renewed the military draft because there weren’t enough people volunteering. And in the event of attack from a hostile government, recruits will be trained in the latest anti-Twitter warfare.

  6. Mercedes-Benz warned over 300,000 U.S. owners to watch out, their cars might burst into flames without warning … Wait! Sorry. That was Samsung phones. Price-Waterhouse handed them the wrong envelope.

  7. A mouse on a British Airways flight caused a 4-hour delay and ultimately a plane change in London last week. And it was totally the airlines fault! They misrouted his cheese to Cheddar, Somerset, and he refused to travel without it.

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