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  1. Mel Gibson showed up at the Oscars with his 26-year-old girlfriend carrying his 9th child … Wow! Somebody needs to turn his Flomax down.

  2. Kurt Busch won the Daytona 500 Sunday. He won after Chase Elliott ran out of gas. And it turned out Chase was a double loser. He not only lost the race, his girlfriend didn’t buy the out-of-gas story and made him walk home.

  3. Archeologists in France say the origin of pointillism, first attributed to Georges Seurat can be traced back more than 35,000 years to Paleolithic cave paintings. Mainly because the wooly mammoth hunters were always pictured wearing berets and drinking espresso.

  4. tRump says he likes being unpredictable. Yeah, you know what else is unpredictable? Hurricanes, flesh- eating bacteria, the California Bears backcourt assist to turnover ratio and the drool pattern of a rabid dog.

  5. The Oscars are over and baseball season is about to start. President Trump volunteers to through out the first pitch and as usual will do it his own way. Underhanded.

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