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  1. A 105-year-old French cyclist set a new world’s record by pedaling 14 miles in 1 hour. He says he owes his longevity to clean living, honesty, and having 2 balls in his bag.

  2. Golden Globes were Sunday night. Big night for the Hollywood Globers. Since the trauma of her robbery in Paris it was the first time Kim Kardashian has been able to appear naked in public.

  3. Human earwax will be the new magic epoxy of the future says the Georgia Institute of Technology. Robots will use it, computer science, even interplanetary rovers will benefit. In fact, AARP has announced formation of the World’s first official Earwax Bank.

  4. When it comes to sexy blondes, count me (all the way) in. But, my wife, who used to be one, these days tends to just shoot from the lip…

  5. There is talk Russian hackers affected the election. Also, some reports say Putin and Trump are pals. I have this deep foreboding feeling that sometime in the next four years we are going to see Donald Trump’s nipples.

  6. Big snow storm in Portland. Seven feet of snow at the airport. Everywhere you look is white. So white in fact, Trump’s next cabinet appointment will come from Portland.

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