Bozo, he’s not. — 13 Comments

  1. It’s looking bad for retail stores. Sears is closing 150, Macy’s is closing 68. This is a dangerous time for girls. I mean, who wants to wear a bra marked Amazon?

  2. Legal marijuana sales in the U.S. topped $6.7 billion in 2016. And this phenomenon directly accounted for Donald Trump’s win. Four of the traditionally Blue states officially went Paisley.

  3. Last week McDonald’s opened a new restaurant on the ground floor of a building owned by the Vatican around the corner from St. Peters Basilica. First day, first problem: A Monsignor goes in and asks for two all-beef patties. Thought he’d get a pair of Irish Priests.

  4. There’s a cheap psychic that tries to contact the spirits of dead celebrities on the spiritual plane. But they’re in First Class and she can only afford Coach.

  5. Internet star Amazon sold in huge numbers this Holiday Season. Analysts says future growth could hit numbers that are, well, topless.

  6. Trump says we will build the wall and Mexico will pay us back. It’ll go like this: Mexico will courier us the money thru pre-existing tunnels, one Peso at a time.

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