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  1. In France, a new law mandates workers’ “right to disconnect.” It requires companies with more than 50 employees to establish hours when staff should not send or answer emails
    At this point France may need to consider a wall to keep potential Americans immigrants out

  2. Meghan Kelly left Fox News for NBC News. It’s a three-way win for Meghan. More money, no sexual harassment, and per NBC policy she can lie about three stories a year.

  3. France has a new law that says if the boss emails you at home you have the legal right to ignore it. Sounds like a good idea and should free up weekends. Too bad it didn’t work on the Germans.

  4. Clocks around the world added a Leap Second on Jan. 1st to account for Earth’s slowing rotation. Or as they call it in LA: The time it takes a Kardashian girl to jump between NBA boys.

  5. Charles Manson, 82, was taken to a hospital near his Bakersfield prison and reported to be in grave condition. As Ronald Reagan used to say: Well, lets hope so.

  6. The artist who drew Bambi for Disney died at the age of 106 Friday. His last words were: For God’s sake, let me draw some boobs!

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