I see what you did there.

TC in BC says:

News is out that legendary musical artist Phil Collins cheated on his first two wives. It must have been easy for him to find Easy Lovers. He obviously broke Two Hearts. Finally, he married and split with his third wife, Orianne and Against All Odds, they have reunited. To Phil, it’s all Just Another Day in Paradise.


I see what you did there. — 10 Comments

  1. People in cities across the country are complaining of a foul stench that hangs in the air for days. And Inauguration Day is still three weeks away!

  2. Online retail giant Amazon was awarded a patent for an airborne blimp towing an airborne warehouse for drone delivery of packages. They figure this rig will cut delivery times in half and save millions. Only one problem. Warehousemen stepping out side for a smoke.

  3. Robert Hulseman, inventor of the Red Solo Cup has died at age 84. We’ve all used them at one time or another. Drank beer from one at a tailgate party. Drank Diet Coke from one at a family picnic. Filled one when the cop forgot his drunk-driving test cup.

  4. Kansas University is offering students, staff and visitors the opportunity to wear buttons to identify your own preferred gender. The buttons are part of an effort to promote a welcoming environment on campus and say “He/Him/His,” or “She/Her/Hers,” or “They/Them/Theirs.” You can wear one right next to your “Mom Paid” or “Dad Paid” button.

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