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  1. Suspicious package at Trump Tower turned out to be a bag of toys. Authorities determined they were not intended for Trump because some assembly was required.

  2. ‘Supergirl’ actress Melissa Benoist filed for divorce from Blake Jenner. She used her X-ray vision and discovered Jenner didn’t measure up to other guys.

  3. British singer and songwriter George Michael, 53, died at his London home on Sunday. In a related story, Keith Richards just did another Deal with the Devil for 53 more years.

  4. Trump Tower was evacuated on Tuesday because of a bomb scare. Turned out to be a hacked E-mail from Hillary saying she was dropping the kids off at the pool.

  5. To test the iPhone 7’s durability a California vlogger offered one to an alligator, but he wouldn’t bite. The thing had a crocodile skin case.

  6. I received some chocolate coins for the holidays. Some look like Danish kroner, some look like half-dollars and some look like Euros. I’m passing on the ones that look like pence, though. I just can’t stomach Pence.

  7. Man charged with DUI after testing positive for caffeine. I guess the next time I visit a coffee bar I’ll need a designated driver.

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