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  1. Man stabbed his dad in the neck after he tried to give the 20-year-old a home circumcision. Apparently, the son lost his head.

  2. To compliment their annual holiday light show Disney World will incorporate 300 drones to light the sky … Wow, 300 people just to fly those drones. But in Disney terms, that’s hardly any. They have 600 just to groom Walt’s head.

  3. Fidel Castro has died at age 90. He often said there were three things he knew for sure. How to defy America. How to roll a good cigar. And how to torque a 53 Chevy bumper.

  4. Anthony Michael Hall faces 7 years in prison for assaulting his neighbor. It’s his first hit in years. I wonder if he used a breakfast club.

  5. Many people commented on Fidel Castro’s passing. President Obama said history would judge his influence on politics. Pope Francis issued his condolences to the Castro family. Rosie O’Donnell wondered if he was old.

  6. Major League Soccer’s playoff game at Montreal between the hosts and Toronto saw over 60,000 fans sit through a delay as lines were painted incorrectly. The fans waited while grounds crew repainted the lines and the crowd actually waited for over 40 minutes while the paint dried. Does this even need a punch line?

  7. Trump has settled the fraud lawsuit against Real Estate School Trump University for $25 Million. It’s just business, says Donald; he says that money will be recouped when Alabama pays $50M to play Trump U at Tuscaloosa next season.

  8. Aretha Franklin’s National Anthem at the Lions/Vikings game took 4min 35sec. That was longer than each of the Packer’s first five possessions vs Washington last Sunday night.

  9. Aretha Franklin’s National Anthem at the Lions/Vikings game took 4min 35sec. The only people that were happy? Passengers that showed up 4 minutes late for The Midnight Train to Georgia.

  10. Those Amazon boxes with a grin printed on the side can be dangerous to have left on your front porch. Thieves sometimes nab the packages, leaving you with nothing but a frown.

  11. Police in Pennsylvania are looking for the owner of a dog wearing a blue argyll sweater when it was found. Gee, I wonder why the dog ran away?

  12. Police in Pennsylvania are looking for the owner of a dog wearing a blue argyle sweater when it was found. Owner facing charges of animal abuse.

  13. A massive earthquake in New Zealand shifted the ground so much that a 15-foot high wall of solid earth was created along the fault line. Trump says Mexico should pay for it.

  14. Many think that Castro Street in San Francisco was named after Fidel Castro .… Wrong. It was named after Jose Castro, the first man to say Fabulous! in public.

  15. Sixers-Kings game postponed due to condensation on the court. When game is played the Kings will mop the floor with the Sixers.

  16. Some interesting outcomes from the election. Pot is legal in California. Oregon dodged the sales tax bullet. And by presidential decree, next Easter all eggs must be dyed orange.

  17. An astrophysicist at the University of Minnesota says the formation of our solar system began 4.6 billion years ago with the gravitational collapse of a cloud of gas and dust. Very disappointing. After all these years thinking it was a cosmic event, life turns out to be just a Dust Buster accident.

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