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  1. Pope Francis says a priest can forgive abortion and the woman can still remain a member of the church. Now this is not fair to men because they can’t have abortions. So to even things up Francis declared men can remain members of the church, even if they rooted for the Giants.

  2. Police in Abilene, Kansas, are on the hunt for a 3 1/2-foot tall statue of a candy bear stolen from outside the Russell Stover Chocolate Factory. They think it was either a bunch of high school pranksters out for a good time … Or Richard Simmons getting his groove back.

  3. A Swedish trade union set up a hotline for women to call and complain about condescending males who over-explain something that women already understand. In Sweden the term is called mansplaining. In the U.S. it’s called the Republican Party.

  4. Donald Trump is considering Rick Perry for a cabinet post. As long as it’s not head of the Census Bureau since he can’t count.

  5. Astronomers just discovered a massive object hiding behind the Milky Way. Massive objects can also come from eating too many Milky Ways.

  6. I’m thankful for two things that are always funny: This website, and my wife in the kitchen wrestling with a turkey (me).

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