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  1. A recent study published in JAMA Psychiatry found that women who use birth control are more likely to be diagnosed with depression. Yeah, especially if she never gets to use it.

  2. According to the Urban Dictionary a Screenager is a teenager who can’t stop looking at their smartphone. Or as Baby Boomers call them, Speed Bumps.

  3. A British puzzle enthusiast shared a video of his successful attempt to solve the world’s tinniest Rubik’s cube. It’s so small it had to be handled with tweezers. In fact, when finished, it was an exact replica of Donald Trump’s tax returns.

  4. JetBlue’s new pilot training program seeks to turn people with little or no flight experience into airline pilots. And really, modern airliners are so automatic there are only three things you need to know. Pull back to go up, push forward to go down, twist counter-clockwise to uncork.

  5. Astronomers are perplexed why a star in our galaxy has mysteriously dimmed over a period of a few years. They have named the star Helen Hunt.

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