Arnold appears in that game! — 9 Comments

  1. Nike plans to introduce a self-lacing shoe next month. Reminds me of Levi and their self-zipping pants. That didn’t work out too well. In fact, it’s what started Bruce Jenner down the road of no return.

  2. Kevin Garnett is retiring after 21 years in the NBA. During his illustrious career, Garnett bagged an NBA title, an MVP award, and three Kardashians.

  3. FBI documents reveal that Barack Obama used a pseudonym in emails with Hillary Clinton. And Donald Trump is also accusing him of using a fake name.

  4. Scientists are baffled by a decrease in amount of oxygen. One possible explanation–wherever Trump goes he sucks the air out of the room.

  5. Cam Newton looked ridiculous with his crazy post-game getup after Sunday’s loss. Expect protests after an arrest by the fashion police.

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