Johnny Football is now Johnny Kinesiology? — 10 Comments

  1. A new mom pumped breast milk while running in a half-marathon. Says next month she’s running the other half of the marathon so she can pump lefty.

  2. Scientists are preparing to turn on the world’s largest telescope to search for alien life. Heck, all they need are binoculars at a Trump rally.

  3. There’s a warfare game out called “Mobile Strike.” One thing it does is let you build walls to protect your territory. It’s on Trump’s short list for Secretary of Homeland Security.

  4. The New York bomber turned out to be a fat guy with a beard. Another myth busted. We always heard that in September Santa went to Cabo.

  5. North Korea is encouraging high school students to spy on one another. They’re using the three-gifts method. Free spy camera pen. Free X-ray vision glasses. And a free dvd of “Snowden.”

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