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  1. Actor Marvin Kaplan, who played telephone lineman Henry on ‘Alice,’ died at age 89. Apparently, God finally called him home.

  2. Cohunu Koala Park is giving The Sunday Times and PerthNow readers a chance to name three joeys. That’s easy– Bishop, Heatherton, and Lawrence. My entry would be Pina Kaola.

  3. North Korean airline, Air Koryo, the world’s worst airline, secretly shut down for 18 days in July. No one will say why, but our investigators found out the truth. Supreme leader Kim Jong-un was using their rubber band in his hair.

  4. To show she has the strength to be president, Hillary opened an already opened jar of pickles on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Kimmel later apologized saying it was just a gag, and promised Donald equal time. In fact he’s already worked out a bit where Trump’s campaign hits the fan.

  5. Southwest had to make an emergency landing when an engine blew up. The crew handled it perfectly and the passengers were in no danger. In fact, it was exciting. And the airline only charged a $100 viewing fee for showing them the Southwest Borealis.

  6. Teenage boy dies after love bite from older girlfriend causes fatal stroke. Well, this is what can happen when bit by a cougar.

  7. Ads suggest you do not need a gun to protect your home, as a high-powered flashlight will do the job. I ditched the shotgun while hunting fowl, and found this was true: I easily made a duck blind.

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