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  1. Scientist have discovered a planet they call Proxima b that is within a habitable zone from its sun. That means it has gravity, an atmosphere and water … and it’s only 4 light years from Earth. Ryan Lochte says he wants to be the first visitor there so he can, pee where no man has peed before.

  2. I sometimes miss waking up with “bed head.”…no “bad hair days” because, no hair at all other than a lunatic fringe.

  3. A tornado flattened a Starbucks in Kokomo, Indiana. Fortunately, no one was hurt. But area hospitals treated dozens of cases of Triple Mocha Frappuccino Latte withdrawal.

  4. This just in: I’ve checked myself into The Hokey Pokey Clinic, and I’m hoping that I can turn my life around.

  5. Now that the Olympics is over, NBC’s next big televised event is the first Presidential debate on September 26. Wonder if the network will show it some time before the actual election?

  6. A man in Ohio was arrested after he got drunk, pulled his pants down and proceeded to have sex with the front grill of a parked van. It was Dodge Caravan, so he thought it would be Ram Tough.

  7. Barack Obama plans to create the world’s largest marine protected area off the coast of Hawaii. Donald Trump believes protection from the marines would be too expensive. He proposed building a wall and having Hawaii pay for it.

  8. A public university is offering a “Stop White People” course to educate people on racial diversity. This is one course you’ll never see on the curriculum of Trump University.

  9. Donald Trump’s new Campaign CEO was charged with domestic violence in 1996. Apparently, Trump wanted to hire someone experienced in beating a woman.

  10. Friday was National Dog Day. Country Music Channel celebrated with a 24-hour marathon of Taylor Swift ex-boyfriends.

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