A Loch-te on the door? — 12 Comments

  1. A Michigan couple went ahead with their wedding despite tornado warning sirens blaring. In addition to invited guests, there were several others that just blew in.

  2. A Florida man threatened his brother with a knife after he called him fat. The tension escalated when the brother told the man he needed to put down the knife–and the fork.

  3. President Obama is being criticized vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard instead of touring the flooded areas of Louisiana. To be fair, he was asked to stay out of Louisiana. Of course, the request came from David Duke.

    • Great memory problem fixer for you Will, a Vodka and Milk of Magnesia drink called a Phillips Screwdriver. Drink a few of these and you still can’t remember but you don’t care…

  4. A U.S. study says instant ramen is replacing cigarettes as currency in state prisons. Besides being more popular, no one ever complains of second-hand MSG.

  5. Police arrestd an Ohio man who was masturbating on the sidewalk and acting like a gorilla. Apparently, he was playing with his banana.

  6. ‘Ant-Man’ sequel ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ will be released in 2018. I think the Wasp should be played by an African American Jew.

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