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  1. There have been many ways to enjoy music (reel to reel, 4 and 8 track cassettes, audio cassettes, CD’s and DVD’s, computer hard drives, etc., etc.), but I’ve found a new way to deliver Rap or Hip Hop music to the audience it’s made for. Think of a suppository that you can just stick up your, well, let’s say that it’s a truly personal way to get the music in you.

  2. Due to an economic downturn, prostitutes in Nigeria are having problems making ends meet. This is the ripple effect when people don’t give money to that Nigerian prince.

  3. I understand the new “Sausage Party” movie has strong crude sexual content. But to its credit, the hot dogs do wear condiments.

  4. So a security scare that resulted in thousands of people being evacuated from JFK Airport last night may have simply been caused by a lot of really loud cheering for Usain Bolt.
    Well, at least this year’s Yankees and Mets won’t be causing the same potential security problem

  5. Michael Phelps says he is “‘Done, done, done – and this time I mean it,’ with swimming. And adds he wants to focus on his fiance and baby. Let’s see, the kid will hit the “terrible twos” in 2018. Should be plenty of time for Phelps to get back in the water for Tokyo 2020

  6. The guy inside R2-D2, Kenny Baker died at age 81. Star Wars fans around the world will give the beloved actor a 21 WD-40 salute.

  7. Hillary and Bill released their tax returns showing they only made half what they made in 2014. And like every struggling couple they’ve made compromises. For example, Bill only dates women who leave their underwear in his glovebox. Saves Hillary from having to buy any.

  8. Prostitution is no way to make a living. So I’m starting a program to help hookers get back on their feet again.

  9. Now Trump is calling for “extreme vetting” of immigrants. A lot of Republicans are probably sorry they didn’t utilize that strategy for their nomination process.

  10. Many people are saying that Donald doesn’t pays taxes, which is why he’s being audited and won’t release his tax returns. I personally don’t know, but that’s what many people are saying. Are they right?, you tell me…..

  11. New moms’ hair loss is usually temporary, an expert says. It becomes permanent when children reach their teens, and moms start pulling their hair out.

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