Where do you put the phone, Jerry?

JERRY W says:

The next generation of cell phones (called 5G) seem to be dangerous in government radiation tests, but mainly to males. It’s thought this may be because men don’t open their mouths as much so they trap in the radiation.


Where do you put the phone, Jerry? — 8 Comments

  1. Delta canceled thousands and thousands of flights because of a
    two-day computer crash. There were so many people lost, Pokemon Go was wondering, Where’s Waldo?

  2. North Korea has a sexual dysfunction pill called Neo-Viagra. They call it Neo because it is “almost” Viagra. Sure, you get an erection, but only once every four years and always on November 8th.

  3. The World Health Organization recommends lowering the alcohol level in beer and hard liquor to cut down on car accidents, fights, public vomiting, big bellies; you name it. Not to mention it would bring Charlie Sheen’s dating to a screeching halt.

  4. They’re calling “Suicide Squad” the best movie in the world. To me, it was just not believable. Mainly because no one would join a suicide squad in America. Everyone knows there are no virgins in Hollywood.

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