Ben & Gary’s Ice Cream. — 12 Comments

  1. A bear climbed into an unlocked car in Colorado and was trapped inside for hours when the door closed behind it. While it was in the car it ate the upholstery, the ceiling, the sunroof cover and part of the steering wheel. Obviously the bear had dinner at a local marijuana farm.

  2. A transgender shopper was arrested for shooting video of women trying on clothes at Target. This booked gal will surely have a bullseye on her back from now on.

  3. Now Dopey Donald is calling himself the Law & Order candidate. And he’s right. The show prosecuted at least one fictionalized characterization of him every season. For 20 years. Kon-Konk.

  4. The Alzheimer’s gene may show up as early as childhood a study at the University of Hawaii says. For instance, it may be Alzheimer’s if your child can’t remember if they took the dog to the library or the Luau.

  5. A Canadian man invented a new sport he calls drone bowling. Knocking down empty beer cans with a radio-controlled drone. I wouldn’t take it too seriously. He’s also the guy who invented single-handed dating.

  6. I am a victim of “fuzzy logic.” My wife says I bug her less for sex if she only shaves her legs once a month.

  7. It was so hot that Hillary said “it’s really hot today”, and just a few moments after hearing her say that many people put on their thermal underwear.

  8. Amber Heard now claims she married Johnny Depp by accident. She was playing Pokemon Go and thought Johnny was Diglett.

  9. Just when you thought the Republican convention couldn’t get nuttier, a motorcycle group called Bikers for Trump will be in Cleveland. They’ll be there to counteract anti-Trump protestors. No cause for alarm there.

  10. Columbus, Ohio will have a special election next month. Voters will decide whether to increase the city council from seven to 13 members. That’s what we need — more politicians.

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