Happy Independence Day! — 22 Comments

  1. Seniors trying to revisit their youth are recreating the 4th of July sock hop they went to as kids, but now it’s called the “In Depends Dance” Day hop.

  2. Kevin Durant will sign with the Golden State Warriors. Oklahoma Thunder nickname will now be The Wimper.

  3. Anna Kendrick says she wants to play superhero Squirrel Girl. Her headquarters would be on top of Donald Trump’s head.

  4. Man oh man! After all the fireworks noise these July nights, I will definitely be happy to take the 5th!

  5. Toyota has stopped making the Prius hybrid and will sell out the remaining stock. There are three reasons for this: Gas prices are still falling. Competition from all-electric cars like the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf. And Prius is Latin for, “Don’t date me I’m a loser.”

  6. There is a move afoot for Washington D.C. to become the 51st state and get a new name. Unable to agree on a boys name or a girls name, it’ll be called “Jennerville.”

  7. Donald Trump is accused of being anti-Semite. Which is definitely not true. He’s very much pro-Semite. He uses semite every day to glue that road kill to his head.

  8. Noel Neill who played Lois Lane in the “Adventures of Superman” died at 95. She claimed she didn’t carry a torch for Superman but he could see right through her.

  9. The spacecraft Juno has reached Jupiter and will start exploring it. They named it Juno because scientists will ask it “Tell us what Juno about Jupiter.”

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