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  1. Miss Teen America nixed the swimsuit portion of the competition in favor of “sportswear.” What fun is that, Old Sport?

  2. Last 4th of July I woke up seeing stars and wearing stripes. I was in jail, and, yes, I’d lost my Independence!

  3. A local hospital has started a bone and joint clinic. I think they treat sexual dysfunction with medical marijuana.

  4. The NHL will have a team in Vegas. They are working in conjunction with the Nevada Gaming Commission on an app that lets fans bet on a game before and during play. Props such as next team to score; next player to score; next penalty etc. The name of the app?: FaceBookie.

  5. The first ever regional jet produced in China has taken to the skies. Chendu Airlines flew the plane from Chendu to Shanghai in two hours. The takeoff and landing were perfect, but it took the Chinese pilots over 45 minutes to parallel park the damn thing.

  6. Bill Clinton met briefly but privately with Attorney General Loretta Lynch this week in Phoenix. And of course some allege that they might have talked about the email investigation.
    So the former President was alone with a woman and the rumors aren’t about sex? How the mighty have fallen.

  7. A report says teen boys aren’t having as much sex as their parents or grandparents had when they were teens. Apparently it’s easier to navigate the internet than the panty girdle or longline bra.

  8. Toyota is recalling 482,000 cars to replace airbags that may spontaneously inflate … You say you don’t have time to bring the car in? Toyota recommends drivers listen to “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top on KSAN San Francisco. 

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