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  1. The results are in from Jay Leno’s on camera car flip, and the superiority of man over machine can finally proven by a simple comparison of the length of their individual skid marks.

  2. A man on horseback stopped traffic on bridge from Staten Island to New Jersey. “Why didn’t I think of that,” said Chris Christie.

  3. Army approved policy that allows soldiers to roll up their sleeves year round. Well, it only makes sense that the army has the right to bare arms.

  4. Daniel Radcliffe said he would consider playing Harry Potter as an adult. He better not wait too long or he may need viagra to work his magic wand.

  5. Tim Duncan has exercised his player option for upcoming season. The San Antonio forward is so old the only “Duncan” he can do is the occasional donut in his coffee.

  6. Those Blue Tooth headphones are great. I don’t own one, but nobody stares at me when I talk to myself anymore.

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