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  1. Wow–GB has withdrawn from the EU and George Will has left the GOP. What next?–Chris Christie renouces his membership in Golden Corrall’s Good as Gold Club, Donald Trump leaves the KKK?

  2. Have you seen Ariel Winter’s new dress? Looks like she’s not only keeping up with the Kardashians. she’s keeping abreast with the Kardashians.

  3. NASA has extended the Hubble telescope contract for another five years ending speculation that Hubble may declare free agency and sign with the Russian space program for more money.

  4. Five people were taken to the hospital after attending Tony Robbins coal-walking event. Soon they will be hotfooting it to their lawyer’s office.

  5. Oh sure, plenty of people claim they’ll “make it right,” but what if I want things “left?” what then???

  6. Great Britain has broken the oppressive bonds of the European Union, and in doing so made America feel like a very proud parent. British patriots boarded the bullet trains from Brussels and threw their espresso into the Thames.

  7. Now that England has left the European Union, Texas wants to leave the United States. Donald Trump doesn’t really mind. He never could remember the Alamo.

  8. Latest poll has Clinton with 12 point lead. Trump is unfazed. To him 12 points is a great rack that needs killing and mounted on his wall.

  9. According to, there are 10 words that will get you a job. They are “I have a photo showing you are having an affair.”

  10. During a parade celebrating the Cleveland Cavaliers a spectator ate horse poop. Actually the guy had no choice. The poop had hit the fan.

  11. A burglar sustained head injuries when the victim used his baseball bat against him. Well, we know the victim wasn’t an Atlanta Brave cause they can’t hit anything.

  12. Disney and Steven Spielberg have teamed up to make the movie “The BFG.” At our house we call it the BFD.

  13. Cleveland fans celebrated their teams’ NBA Championship with the city’s first victory parade in 52 years. The last time Cleveland won a major team sports award, Lake Erie were merely a pond.

  14. Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert wants LeBron to run for President. My guess is that Mr. Gilbert owns a lot of LBJ White House memorabilia that he wants to sell.

  15. Canada Post is considering using drones to deliver mail. The company is looking into equipping them with mace for protection from dogs that don’t like letter carriers.

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