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  1. It’s been 4 years since interpreters of the Mayan calendar said the world would end, they’ve recalculated again and say it’s going to happen this coming weekend, everyone will die. For about a million people worldwide that prediction’s correct, the rest of us will need to go to work on Monday.

  2. Kim Kardashian shells out some job interview advice to fans on Twitter. First, be on time. Second, be succinct. And most important of all, plan a great wardrobe malfunction.

  3. Alicia Keys has decided not to wear makeup to protest the pressure women feel to look a certain way. Critics say this is just a mascara tactic.

  4. Scientists say universe is expanding at an accelerated rate. Is it just a coincidence this news comes on the heels of National Donut Day?

  5. A Great Dane was rescued from the roof of its Connecticut home after forcing its way through an upstairs window. Rescuers weren’t sure exactly where the Great Dane was located until they heard it bark, “Roof, roof!”

  6. Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Mariah Carey in a bathtub. Didn’t really care for what Mariah Carey had to say. I thought she was all wet.

  7. Muhammad Ali died Friday night at 74 years old. Sports stars around the world took a moment to remember the champ. Even Hooters had a minute of silence, then the waitresses ganged up and kicked Johnny Manziel and Tiger woods out

  8. This season’s Pro Bowl will be played in Orlando. Here’s your predicted half time score: NFC 3 Disney Dwarfs 21. However, the NFC eventually beats the Wallet Disney team on the last play 24-21 when coach Pete Carroll calls a running play in the last minute from the 1 yd line and the fullback runs over Pinocchio, the nose guard.

  9. A North Korea missile test reportedly failed to even lift off this past week. It had “Go Oklahoma Go” painted on it and was launched from beyond the 3 point arc.

  10. Richard Simmons hospitalized for bizzare behavior. Authorities tried and failed to put him in a “straight” jacket.

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