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  1. A weather condition in coastal Southern California that happens when clouds and mist come in off the ocean is referred to as the “marine layer”. This confuses marines stationed at Camp Pendleton Marine base in Oceanside, California, as this is what they call the hooker who works the beach parking lots.

  2. 100 chefs in Naples, Italy cooked a mile-long pizza and broke the Guinness World’s record. They used 44,000 pounds of flour, 44,000 pounds of cheese, 3,500 pounds of tomatoes, 53 gallons of olive oil … And 1 Dominos delivery van driven by Danica Patrick.

  3. North Korea has rejected The Donald’s offer to meet their President. It wasn’t expected to have taken much time from either one’s busy schedules. Let’s say ‘Hair today, gone tomorrow’.

  4. Priorities: A proposed law by three Californian Republican Assemblymen would allow citizens to brake car windows to free dogs that appear to be overheating. As written, the law will only apply to dogs, and not to cats or children, but could be amended before passage.

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