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    • Amazing news Jerry. Do you think Trump will let him have his pubic hair back? Donnie almost needs it now to win the election.

  1. Stockholm University has devised a simple test to see if your kid will grow up to be a crook. Offer them 5 bucks now, or 10 if they wait a week. If they take the 5, it’s crooksville. If they wait for the 10 they’ll be OK. If they figure out how to get the whole 15 off you, they’ll grow up to be president.

  2. The hallucinogenic compound, psilocybin found in “magic mushrooms” is being used to treat depression. It doesn’t exactly cure the depression. Patients just become distracted when their cats start talking to them.

  3. Democrats say they’re willing to give Bernie Sanders concessions at the convention. The peanut concession. The anti-Planned Parenthood concession. The NRA membership concession.

  4. Not to say Lebron flopped in game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals, but he fell faster and harder without a serious hit than Jeb Bush’s one-time poll numbers.

  5. A Willie Mays 1952 Topps rookie card just sold for $478,000 at auction. And millions of men thinking of their own childhood collections are silently screaming “Mom!!”

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