Sponges are out. Chads are in. — 13 Comments

  1. 1980’s USA Olympic Gold medal winner goalie Jim Craig will be auctioning his memorabilia from that winning series. The items are expected to fetch over $10M. He paid nothing for them. Do you believe in miracles?

  2. Texas second baseman Rougned Odor was handed an eight game suspension for his part in the brawl vs the Blue Jays. This will give him enough time to finalize an endorsement contract with Hawaiian Punch.

    Not to be outdone, look for Jose Baustista to sign a contract with Odor Eaters.

  3. The Philadelphia 76ers won the first pick in the NBA lottery. Out of habit, Eagles QB Sam Bradford contacted his agent and demanded to be traded again.

  4. Ah, the Golden Years…My wife and I like to garden, which is good, because that’s the only way I can plant my seed these days. And, no, RapidGrow does not work for me.

  5. Before we were married, my wife was a passionate vixen. Afterward, it was like she had a license to chill.

  6. University of Michigan research says thirty percent of female doctors face sexual harassment on the job. It’s even showing its ugly head at the golf course. The other day a cardiologist was bragging about a hole in one. And he didn’t mean the 18th green.

  7. According to an NBC election poll, a majority of Republican voters trust Donald Trump over House Speaker Paul Ryan to lead the party. But don’t trust this poll’s accuracy. Yes, 51% said that. But the other 49% went with party leader John Belushi.

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