How would seat belts work then? — 13 Comments

  1. His former wives and mistresses have confirmed that when Donald Trump had an orgasm he always shouted out his own name.

  2. Researchers in Southern California are monitoring the brain waves of a freely walking fruit fly during its daily activities. Especially during courtship. And once again Hollywood came to the rescue. Scientists used the same technique CBS used to trace the mating activities of Charlie Sheen.

  3. New England was hit was an unusual May snowstorm, with up to eight inches falling in Maine. Republicans quickly denounced “Obamasnow.”

  4. The NY Times reports that Donald Trump plans to bring up Bill Clinton’s infidelities in the campaign. Because a real man would have married at least one of the younger women he had affairs with?

  5. I’m not too sure my new girlfriend is committed to our relationship. She just got a tattoo with my name on it, but it’s a temporary stick-on tatt.

  6. Donald Trump says about the only alcohol he drinks is the wine of the Holy Communion. In fact, last Sunday he got so hammered he accidentally put one billion dollars in the collection basket.

  7. So my wife “accidentally” viewed my search history. I don’t think it’s fair that I should be pornalized for this.

  8. Thinking if ‪Megyn Kelly‬ & ‪Donald Trump‬ were as mild-mannered with each other in debates as they were in their “interview”, Trump mightn’t be GOP frontrunner?.

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