Chrysanthe? — 11 Comments

  1. I told my wife she was mentioned in a joke online, so she read it and said, “THAT made it?”

  2. Florence, Alabama: Former Petting Zoo Employee Charged With Molesting 5 Children, Police Say. Guess he just wanted to take his work home with him.

  3. Ted Cruz dropped out of the race in Indiana. We all saw it coming, he just kept making rookie mistakes. Spent too much time on the wall. Thought he could win on only one stop. Didn’t listen to his crew chief. And to top it all off, turned right at the first corner.

  4. Janet Jackson is pregnant with her first child at age 49. Another wardrobe malfunction. Birth control pills fell through a hole in her pocket.

  5. At a rally in Indiana Trump accused China of raping America. China said it wasn’t their fault. It was that push-up bra on Lady Liberty.

  6. Emma Watson said she wore a dress made of recycled plastic bottles to N.Y.s’ Met Gala. Well, that’s a change, having an actress appear publicly with plastic on the OUTSIDE of her body…

  7. Rumor only now, but Disneyland might replace the Tower of Terror ride. It will have an Election 2016 theme and be called, “Molehill of Mediocracy.”

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