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  1. Wife of Tesla electric car developer Elon Musk sues for divorce. Apparently she doesn’t get a charge out of him anymore.

  2. A 100-year-old woman has been evicted from her California apartment for allegedly being loud. She was having noisy arguments with herself about who was better Perry Como or Dean Martin.

  3. Polls indicate Donald Trump is closing gap in Wisconsin. Well, it is the Dairy State and Trump is full of bull.

  4. God, what a nightmare! Last evening I dreamt I was poking the Pillsbury Doughboy. Big as life, and soft as Hell.

  5. Several Patriots fans are now suing the NFL and Roger Goodell over the league’s punishment for the Deflategate scandal. “Right, because that poor franchise never gets a break,” said nobody outside New England.

  6. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is now warning Trump that the Donald made a loyalty pledge to the eventual GOP Presidential nominee. Right, like that’s going to make any difference to the man who three times has said “Until death do us part.”

  7. A Texas woman was trapped in the library toilet for 36 hours until rescued. While there she decided to review, “Kim Kardashian Selfish.” Too slick. Too slimy. Not at all absorbent; All in all, a bad wipe.

  8. Last year the combined World military costs topped $1.7 trillion according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Bullets, bombs and missiles were numbers one, two, and three. Number four was soldier food. Better known as Shit On A Shingle.

  9. The U.S. Defense Agency is developing a mid-air collision avoidance system for their planes … Why waste the money? Just get the system commercial aviation uses to avoid colliding passengers with their luggage.

  10. North Korea is counterfeiting Chinese money … Good idea but they’re buying dumb stuff. Like a Chinese clock. It only runs 15 minutes.

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