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  1. My life is like an actual Fairy Tale: I resemble an old, fat Troll, and my wife is a f***ing Witch. Thanks for nothing, Walt Disney.

  2. Chinese fashion designers are becoming an international force with European and American fashion houses showing interest. Only one problem with Chinese couture. Fifteen minutes after dressing, you’re all-of-a-sudden naked again.

  3. Alaska Airlines is set to buy Virgin America. Probably won’t cost much. There’s only seven virgins left in America.

  4. FOX hired that Duck Dynasty guy as a news contributor. He’s probably not going to work out though. Thinks “The Donald” is the duck from Disney.

  5. Smithsonian to include a Bill Cosby exhibit. It will be in the National Zoo next to the lions and the cheetahs.

  6. Trump now says that John Kasich shouldn’t be allowed to run because he can’t win. Well, heck, the Cubs have been allowed to play baseball for the last century.

  7. Ted Cruz claims victory in North Dakota party convention. Donald Trump hurt by statement that South Dakota should develop their own nuclear weaponry to use if necessary against North Dakota.

  8. New prostate technique may help men’s nighttime urination. If you want more information, today there will be a live stream.

  9. Barry Bennett, a senior advisor to Donald Trump has publicly blasted Trump’s political opponents who have scurried to cable news networks to criticize Trump, and the networks to giving them broadcast time to do so. Of course, this is something Trump would never do.

  10. A dealer was arrested for selling heroin in bags branded with Donald Trump’s name. Instead of horse this heroin was nicknamed horse’s ass.

  11. Shares of General Motors closed out last week with an ugly drop. It’s so bad the company may be downgraded to Corporal Motors.

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