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  1. Two days after President Obama left the Rolling Stones showed up and gave Havana a free concert. Well, free to the Cubans. It cost Republicans the 2016 election.

  2. 32,000 people have signed a petition to allow guns to be brought to the Republican National Convention. I have a feeling the firearms will be a higher caliber than the nominee.

  3. For newbies following March Madness – Steven F. Austin is not named after “Stone Cold Steve Austin”. Weber State did not invent the gas BBQ and nor is Texas A&M named for “Americans and Mexicans”. Notre Dame is not named after a hunchback and Gonzaga is not the brother of Godzilla. And finally Austin Peay’s (pronounced Pea) team name is not the “Urinals” – but their cheerleaders scream “Let’s GO PEAY”!!!!!

  4. Justin Trudeau is the first Canadian PM to officially visit the US&A in 20 years. Obama is the first US&A president to visit Cuba since 1928. So does that mean in the “round robin” format, Desi Arnaz Jr will be visiting Canada next month?

  5. A woman tossed two cups of coffee at a man when he confronted her for parking in a handicapped spot outside a Tim Horton’s in Toronto. The YouTube video has gone viral on the net. Most comments say she couldn’t afford tossing the drinks if they were purchased at Starbucks.

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