Get high with Jet Blue.


Police in Los Angeles are looking for a JetBlue flight attendant who fled after being chosen for random security screening, leaving behind 70 lbs of cocaine in her carry-on luggage. Shocking, who can LIFT 70 lbs in their carry-on luggage?


Get high with Jet Blue. — 13 Comments

  1. Rob Reiner will not film in North Carolina until an anti-LGBT law is repealed. Guess we won’t be seeing, “When Harry Met Sal Formally Sally in Raleigh.”

  2. Two days after President Obama left the Rolling Stones showed up and gave Havana a free concert. Well, free to the Cubans. It cost Republicans the 2016 election.

  3. So there was my wife, Sharon, wearing one sock after stepping in some spilled water. I thought to myself, with horror, she is like half a hillbilly…

  4. Wheel of Fortune rakes in more money from political ads than any other show on TV. Viewers subjected to lots of spin.

  5. People who smoke pot heavily in their youth end up worse off than their parents both economically and socially, a new study finds. Whatever, man–I think this study is doobee-us.

  6. A recent National Enquirer article claims Ted Cruz has had 5 separate affairs, but it’s not very credible. That would mean 5 different people would be willing to be in a room with him alone.

  7. A United Airlines pilot was arrested for running a string of brothels. He had a really sweet operation. Customers could choose between the Boeing Mile High Club, or the no frills Motel 6 Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am.

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