Was the tree an Oaksmobile? — 17 Comments

  1. Northern Iowa loses to Texas A & M after behing ahead by twelve points with less than one-half minute left. Fox News immediately calls it Obama’s fault and urges immediate congressional investigation.

  2. Alex Kaseberg reports, “The NCAA Tournament had their biggest upset in nine years when #12 Yale beat #5 Baylor.” Bigger than #15 Middle Tennessee upsetting betting favorite to win the tournament #2 Michigan State? He must be a Yale graduate.

  3. World Puppetry Day last week in NYC. Or as those who actually live in New York call it … Trump Pulls the Wool Over Their Eyes Day.

  4. Country music legend Dolly Parton and pop icon Katy Perry will sing on stage at the 51st Academy of Country Music Awards. It’s the first time the famous-four have ever appeared on stage together.

  5. President Obama says that Cubans can learn from the U.S. presidential election campaign. He meant they can learn from others’ mistakes.

    • The Cubans are stuck in the 50’s. Just look at their cars. Our Republicans are stuck in the 50’s too. The 1750’s.

  6. In Alabama, state legislators are considering a bill requiring all teachers to take training on how not to have sex with their students. This is a state that also has “abstinence-only” education. Maybe put the teachers in the same classes? ‪

  7. Police in Los Angeles are looking for a JetBlue flight attendant who fled after being chosen for random security screening, leaving behind 70 lbs of cocaine in her carry-on luggage. Shocking, who can LIFT 70 lbs in their carry-on luggage?

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