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  1. A New Jersey mall Easter bunny was involved in a brawl with customers. Mall security thought they had fallen down a rabbit hole. Witnesses said Easter Bunny was hopping mad.

  2. A New Jersey mall Easter bunny was involved in a brawl with customers. Today he was added to Donald Trump’s security team.

  3. A Texas man who earned national notoriety for allegedly having sex on a Ferris wheel in Las Vegas just weeks ago was slain in front of his fiancée during a Saturday morning carjacking. I guess what goes around comes around.

  4. Scott Baio is supporting Trump. If you thought “Charles in Charge” was horrific wait until we get “Donald in Charge.”

  5. In the midst of the historic visit to Cuba, the First Lady confided to a woman reporter: “Trust me on this, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

  6. Most popular wine in California, Cabernet Sauvignon. Most popular wine in Oregon, Pinot Noir. Most popular whine in Washington, ”I don’t wanna’ vote on Obamacare again!”

  7. President Obama flew to Cuba on Sunday. First he met Raoul Castro, the guy who runs the country. Then he met Fidel Castro, the guy who used to run the country. But best of all he met Tony Castro, the guy who’s going to buff out the mags on Air Force One.

  8. Kim Kardashian was reported dead last week. Turned out to be a hoax. Some reporter asked her what she thought of Trump. Replied she didn’t gamble, but advised to always stay on 16, hit on 18. He figured she was brain dead.

  9. Barack Obama met with Cuban President Raul Castro early Monday. Castro was a half hour late–his alarm sundial didn’t go off.

  10. Astronomers have found evidence of a catastrophic event in an ancient galaxy. So it happened before–the election of someone like Donald Trump.

  11. A company is seeking paid interns to drink beer for four months. Finally a job opening where I can best use my knowledge and skills.

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